For the glory of God and by his powerful grace alone, Trinity Church   exists to become a diverse church-planting family that equips disciples  to explore and enjoy God’s Adoption and extend it to people in NE Nashville, the world, and the future.

A community of disciples committed to helping our neighbors take their next step towards enjoying the life Jesus gives.

Disciples helping neighbors enjoy life.

Disciples delivering life.

By God’s powerful grace, we hope and pray that our Lord will use the ministry of Trinity Church to effectively extend God’s adopting love to hundreds and will add over 300 members to our congregation within a decade of launching.  When this occurs, we will offer 50 called and equipped adults to a daughter church in the NE Nashville region.  This vision of growth and church-planting will be our repeating pattern. 

A key part of this vision includes the launch of a Child Care Ministry in partnership with Covenant Family Child Care (Mt Juliet). 

A Proposed Plan

Phase One                               Phase Two                                       Phase Three 

Gathering                                                 Missional Community Groups                        Launch Worship Service

Discipleship                                             Start family, youth, children ministries          Launch Childcare ministry

Grace Groups

Life Groups

By God's grace, we desire to be ...

1.  A Humble community – Helplessness is a reality for every person. Since no one has arrived, we will be known as a community of “repenters” bringing our daily needs to our Savior so we can explore and enjoy His solutions.  God opposes pride but is glorified by our repentance.


2.  A "Good News" community - God’s goodness, love, grace, and justice draw us into a deeper relationship with Him, motivate  us to follow and serve Him, and give us hope for the future.  His kindness (expressed in the Gospel of Jesus) leads us to repentance. God is glorified by our delight in Him. 


3.  A Changing community – God’s work is not finished. Like yeast in dough, the kingdom of God brings constant change. By the power of the Spirit, old ways are continually replaced with better ways, transforming individuals, families, neighborhoods, societal institutions, cultures, and the world. God is glorified by our growth.


4.  A Holistic community - The Gospel transforms every area of our lives: intellectual, emotional, social, even physical. This the idea of "Shalom." We encourage people to dig beneath the surface and explore the foundations of their faith and then apply the Truth to various aspects of their lives. Taking every thought captive, we hope each of us will form an integrated and unified worldview so we are equipped to address hard questions intelligently and  joyfully. God is glorified by our delight in His Truth.

5.  A Relational community - The Triune God has initiated a loving intimate relationship with us; therefore, we glorify Him through biblical personal relationships (one anothering), Life groups, and a deeply caring congregation that resembles a large extended family.  God is glorified by our one-anothering love. We will also seek to establish compassionate relationships with people in our community.


6.  A Compassionate community – Since ministry belongs in the hands of all of God’s people, each Christian should be equipped to enjoy a meaningful role in the Father’s family business of loving and serving people.  God is glorified in our fruitful compassionate ministries.


7.  A Kingdom community – Trusting the Lord of the harvest, we will invest in things that will leave a lasting impact: our children and our church plants. God is glorified by our hopeful Kingdom sowing.

We are exploring, enjoying, and extending God's adopting grace in Gallatin, Station Camp, and Hendersonville TN. 



Trinity is a new inter-denominational church-plant project in NE Nashville

affiliated with the PCA.


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