Describe the style of this ministry.

The best words we can use to describe the style of our ministry would be: casual,

relational, humble, and hearty.  Rather than leaning on rules or negative motivators, we

seek to encourage and inspire personal growth and spiritual development.  Check out our  

Core Values for more descriptions of the values that drive and steer this community of disciples. 

In addition to the Core Values that steer our grace-centered discipleship, there are certain behaviors that we WON'T do.

  • We will NOT hate.  We desire to be known in this community as people of light who lovingly serve others. Empowered by the Gospel, we will seek to respond to ideas, cultural movements, and those who overtly oppose the King's kingdom with humility, compassion, empathy, and service.  

  • We will NOT shut down honest questions and spiritual struggling. Doubts, questions, and spiritual wrestling are normal, accepted, and even encouraged as part of growing in grace. Growing faith usually starts with robust and logical understanding. 

  • We will NOT use guilt or external pressure to motivate people. God is big enough to guide you. From the pages of Jesus ministry and those of His disciples, ministry should be fueled by love, vision, and encouragement.

  • We will NOT use "cookie cutters" or force people to fit into nice tidy boxes. Our Father created each of us in a very unique way and He will reshape each unique identity, life, and ministry as He sees fit (and in a way that far exceeds all of our best ideas). 

  • Like our Lord, we are NOT ok with stalled stagnant church-folks who are not willing to pursue personal growth. Disciples are people who are growing, changing, and developing new fruit.  Sadly, many churches are negatively influenced by those with strong personalities and weak spiritualities.  

  • We will NOT expect perfection.  Failure is just part of life - even the spiritual life. When one of us fails, we will provide hands-on grace to help him/her continue the journey of faith.

How do you treat newcomers?

We truly love new people with new stories and new questions.  If you are an honest struggler

with sincere questions, then you will fit right in. If you are a long-time Christian, we would love to hear your story and help you take your next steps of faith. We often say that we are "beggars showing other beggars where we found free bread." That said, we will not pressure you.  You are welcome to come, explore, and enjoy God's adopting love at your own pace.  We will walk with you at whatever pace you set. 

What are your denominational affiliations?

Like many, we are not overly hung-up on denominations. According to the Book of Acts, the gospel is enough.  We like to say that we are an interdenominational ministry affiliated with the PCA.  This means that we have people from a wide variety of backgrounds and doctrinal perspectives in the family. Everyone is welcome! 


However, the leadership is closely accountable to the Nashville Presbytery of the PCA.  This voluntary association assures that the Trinity leadership remains faithful in all areas.   This relationship also provides opportunites for us to participate in local and world missions through national and international partnerships.

If you have other questions, please let us know by clicking the button below. 

We are exploring, enjoying, and extending God's adopting grace in Gallatin, Station Camp, and Hendersonville TN. 



Trinity is a new inter-denominational church-plant project in NE Nashville

affiliated with the PCA.


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