The Sumner Project is a growing community of disciples who are helping our neighbors take their next steps towards God's gift of adoption through Jesus.  This community is being organized by Dave Crandall.  After church planting in the Atlanta area, Dave and his wife Magda moved to NE Nashville in 2017. Dave holds a Bachelors degree in Occupational Therapy from Florida  International University and a Masters degree in Divinity from Knox Theological Seminary (Ft. Lauderdale FL). 


While he is eager to talk about 80s music, his life's passion is helping people enjoy and extend the grace Jesus gives!  He'd love to meet for a Coke and a chat.   

We are exploring, enjoying, and extending God's adopting grace in Gallatin, Station Camp, and Hendersonville TN. 



Trinity is a new inter-denominational church-plant project in NE Nashville

affiliated with the PCA.


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